Saint-Gobain SEFPRO
Saint-Gobain SEFPRO

Saint-Gobain SEFPRO is fully dedicated to refractories for glass industry 


Innovation - it is talked about a lot but few do it like we do.
Our research policy is unique and our research centres mobilise powerful and innovative forces.

Powerful, because we have the largest research centre in the world specialising in refractories and their interactions with different types of glass. Innovative, because we have 140 engineers and technicians who use the most progressive, multidisciplinary technologies.


Our Industrial Power takes on a very real meaning for your projects because we truly work alongside you.

With 10 plants spread across the world we are able to offer you total reactivity. Our units combine the power of a global indutrial group and its large available resources with both the proximity and made to measure expertise of our local teams.


Electrofused refractories are manufactured at SEPR Le Pontet, SEPR Italia & SEPR Beijing "ER" Range,  SEPR India "Electrofrax" Range, Saint-Gobain TM "Scimos" Range.

Sintered refractories are manufactured at SAVOIE Vénissieux & Provins, CORHART Buckhannon, SEPR INDIA & LINYI Saint-Gobain Refractory.

Expendables are manufactured at SAVOIE Provins & VINHEDO. Customer Service e-mail address :

We have a full range of refractories: for Basins, Forehearths and Superstructures blocks, tiles and special shapes in Fused Cast or Sintered Products, Tin Oxide Electrodes, Cruciforms for RegeneratorsExpendable Products, Monolithic Products...

With such a wide range, our experts are able to guide you from the furnace design stage to the post-mortem diagnosis for Float Glass, Container Glass, Insulation Fiber, Reinforcement Fiber, Glass for Lighting, Flat Panel, Lead Crystal or Enamels Furnaces.




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