Monitoring solutions service from Operation phase

Monitoring solutions - SEFPRO Guard

Monitor the performance of your refractories and furnace wear. Our monitoring solutions will provide you data about your furnace state.

Glass furnace lifetime and performance assessment


The SEFPRO monitoring assessment provides you with data and analyses regarding your furnace status. Our solutions allow you to follow the evolution of furnace wear and regenerator performance. SERVICE AVAILABLE IN 2023.

SEFPRO Guard services
Monitoring solutions service from Operation phase

Glass tank monitoring

Thanks to our innovative sensor system, we track the temperature of your refractory blocks at different locations in your glass furnace. The data is available on a digital platform that can be associated with your furnace monitoring. Thanks to this information you can also analyze the corrosion profile of your refractory blocks calculated with our corrosion model.
Monitoring solutions, innovative sensor system

Regenerator monitoring

Our automated visualization system allows you to continuously monitor the clogging of the CRUCIFORM® in the regenerators. With a powerful image analysis process, you are able to follow the regenerator clogging level and initiate maintenance operations. By keeping the regenerators perfectly clean, you will obtain the very high thermal performance provided by our CRUCIFORM® range.

Get data about your furnace state

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