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Imagine how much more efficient your furnace operations could be if you had the ability to track key performance indicators in real-time. Our monitoring solutions service will provide you data about your furnace state.

A digital and data-driven solution that meet the challenges of the glass industry


By using new or alternative melting fusion processes for low CO₂ emissions in glass furnaces, there is a growing need to capitalize on know-how through digitalization and data-driven decision-making. This is more necessary than ever, and digital and data transformation can help strengthen organizations and sustain know-how.

Through our unique SEFPRO Guard web portal, you can stay connected to your glass furnace’s health care system in real-time. With this information, you can initiate maintenance operations and optimize your furnace performance.


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Glass tank monitoring

• Allow the detection of critical corrosion in difficult-to-access areas
• Optimize maintenance operations
• Reduce the risk of leakage

Thanks to our innovative sensor system, we track the temperature of your refractory blocks at different locations in your glass furnace. The data is available on a digital platform that can be associated with your furnace monitoring. With this information you can also analyze the corrosion profile of your refractory blocks calculated with our corrosion model.

• Keep people and assets safe
• Achieve furnace lifetime objectives

Regenerators' clogging monitoring solution

• Provide an accurate follow-up of the regenerators clogging
• Optimize operating costs by balancing maintenance needs with gas consumption
• Anticipate the risk of irreversible damage of the checkers

Our automated visualization system allows you to continuously monitor the clogging of the CRUCIFORMS® in the regenerators. With a powerful image analysis process, you are able to follow the regenerator clogging level and initiate maintenance operations. By keeping the regenerators perfectly clean, you will obtain the very high thermal performance provided by our CRUCIFORMS® range.

• Reduce costs with controlled energy efficiency
• Reduce carbon emissions with controlled gas consumption
• Longer lifetime of regenerators

Get data about your furnace state

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