We provide future-proof refractory solutions to the glass industry
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We shape a carbon-neutral glass industry, for a brighter future

At SEFPRO, we provide future-proof refractory solutions to the glass industry. We are leaders in refractory materials and solutions that resist to everything, but adapt to change.

SEFPRO unveils its new visual identity

SEFPRO has some exciting news to share! We changed our brand colors to blue and green gradient. This change is not just a visual update, but a reflection of our vision and mission towards a brighter future.

The #BlueAndGreenGradient represents our willingness towards carbon neutrality. We believe that this journey is not just a goal, but a continuous process of improvement and #Innovation. Our new colors will help us better illustrate this journey, and showcase our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint, and those of our glass customers.
SEFPRO headquarter: complete "ER" glass contact AZS range (ER 1681, ER 1685, ER 1711), a - b and b Alumina (Jargal M and H), standard and electrical resistive High Zirconia (ER 1195 RT, XiLEC), CRUCIFORM® (only manufacturer worldwide), unshaped products

Future-proof refractory solutions

SEFPRO is collaborating with glassmakers all over the world to design refractory solutions that continuously improve the performance of glass furnaces. Intense R&D efforts have been driven by the constant objective to enlarge the SEFPRO offer to best answer glassmakers’ specific needs.
sustainability approach

SEFPRO Sustainability approach

SEFPRO is committed to play its key role in the glass industry’s transition to carbon neutrality with ambitious goals, concrete actions for all three scopes of carbon emissions. Discover more about our actions and solutions to support our customers’ journey to carbon neutrality.