Supporting the transition

Despite great progress, glassmaking is still a carbon intensive activity. SEFPRO is committed to play its key role in the glass industry’s transition to carbon neutrality.  

SEPR Le Pontet Cruciform

Reducing glassmakers’ energy consumption

For existing furnace technologies, SEFPRO has a range of solutions that can help reduce your furnace’s energy consumption. More efficient regeneration, finding the balance between insulation and corrosion, reducing parasitic air entry are all essential to make furnaces more efficient energetically and reduce emissions.
Little girl and boy are running in front of windmills. Renewable energies and sustainable resources - wind mills

Switching to new energies

Furnaces operating with reinforced boosting, all electric melting or hydrogen present new challenges to refractory materials. SEFPRO has strong expertise in developing cutting-edge solutions for the most demanding glass markets. Our refractory experts are passionate about finding solutions to new problems – and are available to discuss and address any refractory challenge. 
Valoref Refractories Waste Sorting

From cradle to grave

Our responsibility does not end with refractory delivery. With Valoref, european leader of refractory waste management for glass industry. Valoref offer services to collect all type of refractories at the furnace’s end of life and ensure that they are recycled into secondary raw materials and re-used to make new refractory products in wide variety of industrial applications.