Metal line corrosion test for resistance analysis

Refractory material selection support

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Through a wide range of tests on refractories, we can determine what is the best refractory material for each type of glass and the operating conditions of your furnace. Thanks to our long experience in developing industrial application tests in our R&D centers, we can support you in selecting the right refractory solutions for both your glass contact area and superstructure running conditions. 
Glass contact test of a static corrosion

Static corrosion test

This test provides information about refractory glass contact interface. The static corrosion test determines glass refractory interface stability and glass defect potential of a given refractory material at different temperature levels and for different glass chemistries.
Glass contact test of a dynamic corrosion

Dynamic corrosion test

This test provides information about corrosion resistance of refractory materials in all kinds of glass, in operating conditions up to 1600°C. It allows you to compare refractory performance in different testing conditions (temperature, glass composition, duration). The test results are indicative of refractory lifetime.
Refractory choice support service

Metal line corrosion test

A test to know more about refractory metal line corrosion resistance. The metal line corrosion test points out comparative refractory behavior in this particular area in all kinds of glass, in operating conditions up to 1550°C. Like the dynamic corrosion test, the results of the metal line corrosion test assess glass furnace lifetime.
Glass contact test of a superstructure corrosion

Superstructure corrosion test

This test provides information about superstructure corrosion resistance. Refractory materials are exposed to various vapor attacks at different temperature levels, in order to analyze their corrosion process in glass furnace superstructure applications.

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