SEFPRO is the only refractory group worldwide fully dedicated to and streamlined for offering top-of-the-line refractory solutions specifically to the glass industries. For nearly a hundred years, SEFPRO has played a key role in the evolution of the refractory offer available to glassmakers over the world, by relying on three major pillars:

  • our refractory expertise, acquired through decades of deep collaboration with glassmakers to help them meet changing market demands
  • our innovation capability, thanks to continuous investment in Research and Development
  • our worldwide presence, ensuring proximity with our customers

Our industry is entering a new era. Beyond the sustainability imperative, glass must achieve carbon neutrality and circularity. As the leading refractory solution provider to the glass industry, SEFPRO must acknowledge its central role in these crucial challenges. 

Our values

Our values

Our shared beliefs and principles that set the foundation for everything we do and drive action : Humanism, Ethics and Responsibility
SEFPRO headquarter: complete "ER" glass contact AZS range (ER 1681, ER 1685, ER 1711), a - b and b Alumina (Jargal M and H), standard and electrical resistive High Zirconia (ER 1195 RT, XiLEC), CRUCIFORM® (only manufacturer worldwide), unshaped products

Our vision and mission

At SEFPRO, we provide future-proof refractory solutions to the glass industry. We are leaders in refractory materials and solutions that resist to everything, but adapt to change.
sustainability approach

Sustainability approach

Building a carbon-neutral glass industry together. Glass makes the world a better home.

SEFPRO history

Walk through SEFPRO’s century-long history, from the opening of the first plant of fused cast refractories in Modane, France to today’s milestones.

Global presence

Our strong network of plants and sales offices worldwide allows us to offer our customers extended and responsive support at every stage of the glass furnace’s life.