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Glass defect analysis

Get a refined understanding of your glass defects with detailed diagnoses and recommendations.

Glass defect analysis expertise

A team of experts fully dedicated to the analysis of glass defects provides glassmakers detailed diagnoses and recommendations to help solving production issues and choose the right refractory materials for your furnace.
Chemical mapping from glass defect analysis service

The newest analytical methods

To carry out in-depth studies of glass defects and determine their source, we are using cutting-edge technologies such as EPMA, EDX, Raman spectroscopy and confocal microscope.
All types of glass defect from glass defect analysis service

For all types of glass defects

No matter what the type of defect, our high-performance equipment allows us to accurately determine the chemistry of the glass defects. Thanks to our 40 years of glass defect analysis expertise, we can offer you a diagnosis of the glass defect source and provide assistance to perform counter action.

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