Project Repair - SEFPRO Care Operation


Do you need on-site diagnosis, do you want to know the origin of your glass defects, and discover monitoring solutions? We will be always on hand.
On-site diagnosis service

On-site diagnosis

SEFPRO diagnosis capabilities cover a wide range. During hot operating time we are able to propose you endoscopy, fumes analysis and carry over characterization. Get also a complete asset integrity audit with our partner PaneraTech.
Services Cavaillon Analysis

Glass defect analysis

A team of experts fully dedicated to the study and analysis of glass defects provides glass makers with detailed diagnosis and recommendations to help you resolve production issues and choose the right refractory materials for your furnace.
Monitoring solutions SEFPRO Guard - glass furnace data

Monitoring solutions - SEFPRO Guard

Monitoring solutions will provide you data such as soldier block temperature profile for corrosion analysis assessment and furnace management. We also develop glass furnace regenerator monitoring. Thanks to IA, you can follow regenerator aging from digital pictures and optimize thermal performances with adapted maintenance.