On-site diagnosis service

On-site diagnosis

Get solid support at all stages of your furnace's operation. We are at your service for your on-site glass furnace diagnosis.

Glass furnace on-site diagnosis

SEFPRO has been characterizing running conditions of refractory materials in glass furnaces for many years and has developed equipment and methodologies available for furnace diagnoses and troubleshooting.
Endoscopy and IR thermal imaging for on-site diagnosis service

Endoscopy and IR thermal imaging

We can provide you with a complete set of endoscopes and IR camera equipment to visualize the inside of your furnace and perform regular audits or troubleshooting.
Measurements for on-site diagnosis service

Temperature, gas composition, vapor and carry-over analysis

We have developed equipment and a methodology to accurately determine the furnace's fluids, temperature and chemical composition. These measurements allow us to better appreciate the solicitations faced by the refractories within your glass furnace laboratory or in your regenerative chambers.

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