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End of life

Do you want to benefit from your furnace shutdown to understand all the mechanisms inside? Do you want to get the best out of it? We go all out to make your life easier by bringing things to a good end and preparing the path to excellence for your next project.
Services Furnace 3D Scan
End of life

3D scan

3D SCAN technology compliments a furnace assessment in both new construction and post-mortem stages. This service can be performed either inside or outside the furnace and reduces the necessary downtime to take critical measurements.
Shutdown expertise from post-mortem analysis service
End of life

Post-mortem analysis

Deep analytical study of used refractories (chemistry profiles, microprobe, hot X-ray diffraction, phase analysis, physical properties…) are managed in order to understand the operational conditions that led to these products behaviors.
Valoref Refractories Waste Sorting
End of life

Refractory waste management - Valoref

Reducing your environmental footprint is possible thanks to the dedicated service we offer. We take care of your furnace waste and collection, transportation, sorting and analysis, crushing and valorization, for a new life.