Numerical simulation service from project phase

Numerical simulation

SEFPRO's team has been developing an expertise in numerical simulation for many years to predict refractory behavior in glass furnaces. We are able to offer you tailor-made studies to answer your questions.

Predictive simulation performance

SEFPRO’s numerical simulation service analyzes the performance of different products to help you choose the best refractory solution and answer your specific needs.
Numerical simulation service and mpact of glass thermal profile with high convection flow

Glass corrosion

With our in-depth knowledge of refractory corrosion processes and FEM numerical simulation, we are able to determine the corrosion profile of refractory blocks. The corrosion model allows us to analyze the impact of parameters such as glass temperature profile, glass velocity profile, refractory composition and cooling efficiency on refractory lifetime. We also evaluate the thermal impact of different situations through heat loss calculation. The corrosion analysis is run on soldier blocks, throat lintle blocks, or any other blocks that may require it.
Cooling efficiency test for numerical simulation service

Cooling efficiency

With our in-depth knowledge of refractory materials' thermal properties, and fluid dynamics simulation, we can predict heat exchange coefficient profile at refractory block surface. The results are influenced by cooling parameter systems (air speed rate, air flow rate, nozle geometry, etc.) and can be used inside our corrosion simulation model.
Regenerator thermal performance analysis for numerical simulation service

Regenerator thermal performance

With our long experience and expertise on heat exchanges inside glass furnace regenerators, we can provide thermal performance calculation to boost thermal and energy efficiency of different packing solutions. Thanks to a wide range of CRUCIFORM® products, we can propose optimized solutions to guarantee the best thermal performance to reduce the energy consumption of your furnace and CO2 emissions.
Thermomechanical test for numerical simulation service


Our deep understanding of refractory material thermomechanical behaviors and our high temperature mechanical testing capabilities in our R&D centers, allows us to provide glassmakers predictive numerical simulation of mechanical behaviors for refractory blocks used in different applications, such as furnace crown, electrodes block, spout lip, or any other area.

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