How TuckPro solution for tuckstone reduces CO2 emissions?

February 28th, 2023

TuckPro is the ultimate solution to maintain tuckstone integrity and prevent premature breakage.

Why tuckstones are critical?


Being the base the superstructure assembly, tuckstones play a critical role in float and container glass melting furnaces: ensure stability, protect the steel frame, cover the top of soldier block against heat radiation while allowing tight seal between superstructure and glass contact.
However, due to the thermal shock during tank over-coat operation, tuckstones are subject to high thermomechanical stress which frequently induces breakage after few years of operation.

Such breakage creates severe issues such as faster sidewall metal line corrosion, higher glass contamination from superstructure rundown but also sagging of the steel frame and potential destabilization on the entire superstructure. All these issues result in heavy maintenance with complex and expensive repairs.


SEFPRO TuckPro solutions

TuckPro is the ultimate solution to maintain tuckstone integrity and prevent premature breakage. The innovation consists in integrating the SEFPROShield® ceramic solution, a rigid insulating ceramic board perfectly adapted to every specific profile, onto the bottom of each piece of tuckstone.

TuckPro solution drastically reduces the thermal gradient and avoids detrimental thermal stress on the tuckstone. SEFPROShield® high thermal insulation and high creep resistance prevents the deformation under load even at high temperature to provide protection on the entire bottom face, including the nose, through the entire campaign life.

Through thermomechanical modeling and measurement in industrial glass furnace, using TuckPro reduces the thermal gradient within the tuckstone by more than 400°C.

Additionally, TuckPro expands the possible choice of material for tuckstones by offering options for much higher corrosion resistance that were not widely used due to their sensitivity to thermal shock. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.


Emission reduction

TuckPro also helps the glass industry to reduce CO2 emission and energy consumption.

First, the long lasting rigid SEFPROShield® reduces heat losses. Also, as nearly half of the total parasitic air entering the furnace comes from the sealing below the tuckstone, reducing tuckstone breakage and early corrosion (nose and tip) drastically reduces parasitic air entrance.

The impact of TuckPro on CO2 emission reduction is calculated at 7,200 T on a 15 year campaign of a float furnace, and at 3,000 T on a 10 year campaign of a container furnace.*




What type of material is available with TuckPro solution?

TuckPro is available for any material and shape for any kind of glass furnace using tuckstone. No need to modify the design to accommodate the TuckPro solution.

Why is TuckPro solution different from other insulation options that have been used for many years on glass furnace refractories?

The key benefit is the high thermal insulation properties combined with high creep resistance (no sagging over time), high corrosion resistance (not affected by corrosion fumes at high temperature) and ability to protect the entire bottom of the tuckstone including the inner face radius.

How to install the SEFPROShield on the TuckPro solution?

TuckPro solution comes already assembled with the SEFPROShield® insulation board. No assembly is required during furnace construction.


*The calculation provided is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial, investment, or legal advice. The results obtained from this calculation may vary based on individual circumstances and assumptions made in the calculation.

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