Laurent Cohen-Scali, SEFPRO Vice President, unveils SEFPRO's new vision

October 24th, 2022

Laurent Cohen-Scali shares SEFPRO’s new strategic vision, “We shape a carbon-neutral glass industry, for a brighter future”: a compass for all SEFPRO teams towards the decarbonization of the glass industry.

As the leader in refractory solutions for glass furnaces, SEFPRO has a key role to play in decarbonizing the glass industry. In line with this purpose, SEFPRO keeps striving to provide glassmakers cutting-edge refractory solutions, innovative repair solutions and digital furnace monitoring tools that will be part of tomorrow’s carbon-neutral glass furnace.

XiROC®, SEFPRO’s brand new solution for throats, is one of the refractory solutions developed to help glassmakers reduce carbon emissions. It is highly resistant to upward drilling corrosion, which contributes to reduced throat wear, a stable level of power to melt glass and thus significant energy savings.

For flat and container glass furnaces, SEFPRO developed CRUCIFORM® products for the past 50 years to boost the efficiency of regenerative furnaces and reduce carbon emissions.

SEFPRO developed a full range of new solutions dedicated to new melting technologies, including higher electrical input, such as XiLEC® 9 RT, a void-free electrofused zirconia solution with improved electrical resistivity.

SEFPRO is deeply committed to reduce the carbon footprint of its own activities to decarbonize the glass industry. We aim to be carbon-neutral by 2050 and are taking concrete actions across our plants to achieve this target.

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