SEFPRO digital twin on Azure cloud

April 21st, 2023

SEFPRO participated at Hannover messe 2023 with its partners Capgemini, Microsoft, and Newboot where Raphael Viard* and Nicolas Miègeville**.
*VP & Chief Digital and Information Officer, HPS-Saint-Gobain
**CEO Ceramics, Saint-Gobain

SEFPRO provides future-proof refractory solutions to the glass industry. As a leader in the refractory market, SEFPRO has a key role to play to shape a carbon-neutral glass industry. 

The partnership with industry experts as Capgemini, Microsoft, and Newboot is a way for SEFPRO to drive sustainable innovation and achieve its goal of carbon neutrality. SEFPRO, as an expert in casting process, is leveraging digital twin technology to optimize its processes and reduce energy consumption. Capgemini's expertise in Digital Twin set up and Microsoft and Newboot's solutions enable SEFPRO to connect its digital twin to the Azure cloud, providing real-time data to monitor and evaluate processes continuously. 

The first use case tested with generic recommendations resulted in a remarkable 6% drop in energy consumption. SEFPRO is now deploying more advanced models, including live recommendations to production, to further reduce energy consumption and improve its overall sustainability. The partnership with Capgemini, Microsoft, and Newboot has been critical in enabling SEFPRO to achieve its sustainability goals and drive sustainable innovation. 
By leveraging the latest technology and data, SEFPRO is driving real change and delivering value to its customers. The resulting savings will be continuously monitored and evaluated in the following months. As the demand for sustainable solutions continues to grow, SEFPRO is well-positioned to lead the way towards a brighter future.