SEFPRO expendables refractory products

December 20th, 2023

SEFPRO presents its range of expendables products including Plunger, stirrer, tube and rotor, Spout, Spout cover, burner block and Orifice ring, all dedicated to glass furnace.
All our expendables refractory products are available in our downloadable catalog.

Expendables are the very last refractory pieces in contact with the glass, and as such must display the highly specific properties of good corrosion resistance, low blistering rate and low stoning rate. Every aspect of the production of SEFPRO expendables undergoes strict, permanent follow-up in the context of a Quality Plan. For the expendables used by the container glass industry, SEFPRO provides specific services:

  • fast delivery time, for widely-used standard EMHART, FIVES STEIN or OWENS pieces in stock,
  • dedicated customer service to guarantee fast quotation and customer assistance.

For the production of lead crystal glass, borosilicate glass, opal glass, and other glasses, SEFPRO supplies specific expendables, in addition to the top of the line electrofused and sintered products that it manufactures for these glasses.

The standard production expendables in this catalog cover the products used daily on the current EMHART machines. This catalog displays a wide range of expendables which offer great diversity in terms of materials, shapes, and dimensions. All the expendables have been designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of applications. 

Contact our SEFPRO experts to require any special designs. 

Expendables catalog

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