Sintered dense high alumina 93%


High corrosion resistance. Homogenous structure with excellent glass contact properties.

Typical application

A1148 is available in large blocks for glass melting of high quality ophthalmic, optical and other specialty glassese.

With almost no porosity, it provides good corrosion resistance with very minimal stone, seed and cord defects.

Chemical and physical properties


Microstructure of A1148

Typical chemical composition


Typical crystallographic analysis

Main phase:

  • corundum
  • mullite

Physical characteristics

Description International standards British standards
Refractoriness under load of 2 105 Pa, at 0.5% >1,675°C 3,047°F
Cold crushing strength 448Mpa 64,977psi
Linear thermal expansion 8 10-6K-1 4.4 10-6°F-1
Thermal conductivity at 1,000°C 4.1 W.m-1.K-1

28.4 BTU
in hr-1ft-2°F-1

Apparent porosity 1% 1%
Typical bulk density 3.4g/cm3 212pcf


The sintered dense high alumina 93%, A1148 solution must be stored in a dry environment protected from weather conditions.

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