From blue to green, discover SEFPRO new visual identity

April 18th, 2023

Our new branding is the visual translation of our vision, mission and market positioning - defining clearly our brand promises to our customers. 
It embodies SEFPRO's posture as an enabling partner in the glass industry's collective journey towards carbon neutrality and highlights our solution approach all along the furnace lifecycle.



We changed our brand colors to blue and green gradient. This change is not just a visual update, but a reflection of our vision and mission towards a brighter future. These colors were carefully chosen to reflect our focus on the transition to a carbon-neutral furnace. We started with our historical SEFPRO color and blended it with green, the color of sustainability, to create a perfect shade that represents our willingness to a brighter future. 

Beyond these colors' meanings, we believe that this journey is not just a goal, but a continuous process of improvement and innovation. Our new colors will help us better illustrate this journey, and showcase our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint, and those of our customers. 

We decided to keep our flash, which is SEFPRO’s signature. The square shape has been rounded to evoke furnaces’ lifecycle and every related solutions we offer.




At SEFPRO, we believe in working together to create brighter solutions for a more sustainable world. We're excited to continue working with all of you to achieve our common goal. 
As a single word, « Bright » evokes directly to the glass industry and sustainability.  
« Brighter solutions » expresses our ability to constantly innovate and to propose smart solutions all along furnaces lifecycle to drive the glass industry towards carbon neutrality. The use of superlative form for « brighter » sustains our ambition to continuously deliver premium quality, today and tomorrow.  
The plural form of « solutions » highlights our complete know-how (services, products, digital offer).   
The solutions we currently propose for your furnaces are born from several partnerships with you, our customers. Because there is no one more concerned or involved in the life of your furnaces, we will work hand in hand with you to develop the furnaces and refractory solutions for tomorrow, together. 

Thank you for following our adventures! We hope that this change will inspire others to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future, and that it will serve as a reminder of the impact that we can have all together.

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