SEFPRO has completed its acquisition of Glass Service

April 16th, 2024

Laurent COHEN-SCALI, Vice President SEFPRO, discusses recent acquisition of Glass Service.

 Congratulations on the completion of the Glass Service acquisition.

Laurent Cohen Scali


1.    First of all, can you describe what this means for both companies?

By joining forces, we are combining the best of both worlds: SEFPRO's excellence in refractory products and services, and Glass Service's leadership in digital technologies. Our common ambition will be to unleash fantastic innovations to help the industry in its decarbonization and digitalization journey, and to create more value for our customers and for both companies.

This new alliance will accelerate the development of complete advanced solutions to accompany SEFPRO’s customers in their digital transformation which will be key to introduce and manage new low-carbon furnace technologies. At the same time, Glass Service teams will gain access to more resources (such as our R&D centers across the world) and support to enhance customer reach and new developments.

Finally, while leveraging this new capability, Glass Service will continue to operate in the same way and with their passionate and expert teams supporting the glass industry with their innovative mindset.

2.    What will it mean for your customers? How will it impact them? 

This acquisition creates a truly unique value proposition on the market with the ability to offer complete solutions throughout the life of a glass furnace. It will allow our customers to better manage their energy consumption and refractory performance, supported by supervisory smart model-based software with AI,  and, thus, controlling and reducing their emissions.

Together we can assist better our clients in improving performance and productivity and in advancing towards the decarbonization of the glassmaking process. Both SEFPRO and Glass Service have put significant efforts in that direction and have developed innovative solutions, especially in predicting the impacts of design or process in the furnace lifetime and energy consumption.

I would also like to remind that Trust has always been a core value at SEFPRO which has allowed us to build long-lasting collaborative partnerships with our customers. It is thus embedded in SEFPRO culture with strong internal policies. Glass Service is dealing with very sensitive information and joining SEFPRO, Glass Service customers will be in good and safe hands as it will remain the foundation of our current and future joint development.

3.    Why did SEFPRO decide to make this acquisition, particularly as it is not a traditional area that you focus on as a business? What do you consider Glass Service’s strengths for example?

This acquisition is fully aligned with our vision to shape a carbon-neutral glass industry and will significantly boost the efforts SEFPRO has put towards the development of digital solutions in the last few years. Glass Service have been developing cutting-edge digital solutions for the glass manufacturers for more than 25 years and have gained a reputation as a reliable and innovative partner for many glassmakers around the world. 
One of the main reasons why we decided to acquire Glass Service is because we were impressed by the quality of Glass Service’s teams, their expertise and passion for glass. Also, during this strategic process, we concluded that both companies have the same vision for the future of the glass industry, company culture based on trust, ethics, and responsibility, and a business structure with a strong worldwide organization focusing on local needs.


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Closing of Glass Service Group acquisition with G.NEFF, L.COHEN-SCALI, E.MUIJSENBERG, N.MIEGEVILLE, J.CHMELAR, P.CHMELAR

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