Sintered zircon with 66% zirconia


Premium zirconium silicate. Very high resistance to vapours corrosion and very good glass contact properties for specialty glass expendables.

Typical application

CZ66 is used in superstructure areas including tuckstone for reinforcement and textile fiber glass furnaces as well as for borosilicate glass furnaces..

CZ66 properties are also adapted to the expendable applications :

  • as mandrels to increase the lifetime in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical tubes using the Danner process,
  • as specific orifice rings with large thickness in borosilicate glass production.

Chemical and physical properties


CZ66 microstructure

Typical chemical composition


Typical crystallographic analysis

Main phase: zircon

Secondary phase: monoclinic zirconia

Physical characteristics

Description International standards British standards
Cold crushing strength 70Mpa 10,153psi
Coefficient of thermal expansion 4.8 10-6K-1 2.7 10-6°F-1
Thermal conductivity at 1,000°C 3 W.m-1.K-1

20.8 BTU
in hr-1ft-2°F-1

Porosity 14% 14%
Typical bulk density 3.85g/cm3 240pcf


The sintered zircon with 66% zirconia, CZ66 solution must be stored in a dry environment protected from weather conditions.

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