Sintered dense zircon


High-purity dense zircon. Excellent glass contact properties with extremely low defect potential.

Typical application

ZS1300 is an excellent glass contact refractory due to its chemical inertness and the absence of discoloration, cord and stones when used in contact with various technical and low-alkali glasses.

Used extensively in the reinforcement and textile fiber glass furnaces as a glass contact refractory :

  • melter and forehearth backup,
  • bottom paving and subpaving,
  • forehearth siderails and flow blocks.

In specialty glass applications, ZS1300 is used as a glass contact refractory where glass quality or corrosion requirements are particularly severe such as borosilicates, glass ceramics, low-alkali compositions and other technical glasses.

Chemical and physical properties


ZS1300 microstructure

Typical chemical composition


Typical crystallographic analysis

Main phase: zircon

Physical characteristics

Description International standards British standards
Cold modulus of rupture 86Mpa 12,473
Cold crushing strength 400Mpa 58,015psi
Linear thermal expansion 4.8 10-6K-1 2.7 10-6°F-1
Thermal conductivity at 1,000°C 3.8 W.m-1.K-1

26.3 BTU
in hr-1ft-2°F-1

Thermal shock resistance low low
Open porosity 0.5% 0.5%
Typical bulk density 4.33g/cm3 270pcf

Expansion curve

Expansion curve sintered ZS1300

Thermal conductivity curve

Thermal conductivity curve sintered ZS1300

Electrical resistivity curve

Electrical resistivity curve sintered ZS1300


The sintered dense zircon, ZS1300 solution must be stored in a dry environment protected from weather conditions.

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