MS 75


Sintered mullite 75% alumina


Good corrosion resistance to alkali vapours. Available in standard brick format.

Typical application

MS 75 is used in:

  • regenerator chamber target walls and crowns,
  • superstructures breastwalls for reinforcement and textile fiber glass furnaces as well as sodium silicate furnaces.

Intermediate creep resistance between MS 6 and BP MULLITE.

If mortar is required, use MULLITE MORTAR or BP MULLITE MORTAR.

Chemical and physical properties


Microstructure MS 75

Typical chemical composition


Typical crystallographic analysis

Main phase:

  • mullite
  • corundum

Physical characteristics

Description International standards British standards
Refractoriness under load of 2 105 Pa,
at 0.5%
1,700°C 3,092°F
Cold crushing strength 100Mpa 14,504psi
Linear thermal expansion 6.4 10-6K-1 3.6 10-6°F-1
Thermal conductivity at 1,000°C 2.1 W.m-1.K-1

14.6 BTU
in hr-1ft-2°F-1

Apparent porosity 15% 15%
Typical bulk density 2.65g/cm3 165pcf

Expansion curve

Expansion curve sintered MS 75

Thermal conductivity curve

Electrical resistivity curve

Electrical resistivity curve sintered MS 75


The sintered mullite 75% alumina, MS 75 solution must be stored in a dry environment protected from weather conditions.

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